Surf Lesssons


$55.00 per person


2-3 hours, times depend on tide conditions

What to bring:

Swim suit, towel, sun screen and your sense of ADVENTURE!!!


Surf board and bi-lingual instructor.


Let’s face it, we’ve seen them in magazines, on TV and sometimes watched them live as we’ve wandered down a golden sand beach… and always the thought comes to mind that these people, “these surfers”, they look cool! Bronzed bodies, sculpted abs, arms and backs with a complete care-free attitude as they “hang ten” or catch a wave. But the thought of getting out there ourselves seems somewhat ridiculous as really, we can’t imagine how to get the board out past the crashing waves, little alone jumping on this rather narrow flotation device and standing up! So you dismiss the thought!

Then you come to Costa Rica, the coast line with some of the best waves and “sets” in the world. Host to the 2009 Billabong International World Surfing competition where 25,000 spectators looked on as the world’s best made it look effortless. If you are already an able and capable surfer then you’ll rent a board for the day or week and head over to Playa Hermosa where the experienced surfers hang. Be careful as there aren’t any lifeguards on duty and the currents and rip tides are “man” size!

Then there are the rest of us! The slightly “chicken” but intrigued to at least give surfing a try. You’ll stay in Jaco Bay where the waves are kind and the sets are forgiving! You’ll be hooked up with a patient, experienced and bilingual instructor who will baby step you through, this new and rather perplexing sport. In the beginning they will size you up and give you a suitable surf board, then on to a little land training on the beach, where you’ll learn how to “pop up” on the board. And then it’s out into the waves! Your instructor is with you at all times, as you duck under the first set of waves and eventually get past the break zone. Once you are out in the water you’ll look around and realize that you are now a part of the “cool” club. From here on in the instructor will position you so that when that wave comes in, you’re ready to push yourself up and ride it in!! Falling is part of the fun, but with a few corrections and a couple of waves under your belt, you’ll feel and sense the reason why surfers are drawn to the beaches every day, when the tide is high and the sets are rolling in! Our team of instructors will ensure you “catch a wave” on your first lesson!

There are lessons for children or adults. We strive to ensure the group size is small and each person has their own instructor! Kids and adults build their confidence by learning the ropes in the white water then “graduate” to the break. Whatever level of physical condition you are in, the opportunity to learn the basics and feel like a “pro”, is an unforgettable experience. Most lessons are approximately 2 hours long and include the board rental and water.

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