Property Management


Costa Rica Dream Makers is committed to running a professional and fiscally responsible company which strives to satisfy both property owners and rental clients. As investment property owners ourselves, we realize that your property is very important to you and therefore it’s very important to us! We are committed to ensuring your property is well maintained & that we continuously work to increase the occupancy rate of your home. In addition to the day to day operations of your home, we ensure the administrative documentation is kept up to date, ensuring this information is accurate and complete.

Property Management

  • Ensure day to day operations/maintenance and preservation of the home or condominium.
  • Pool service.
  • Gardening and landscaping maintenance.
  • Cleaning services.
  • Contracting professional services to complete all maintenance and any repairs required.
  • Inspect the unit weekly to ensure the unit is in good repair, no damages, or vandalism have occurred and to ensure presence on the property.
  • Weekly verification that all household operating systems are effectively working (electrical, water, A/C, gates & pool)
  • Ensure owners maintenance schedule of operating system, grounds, pool is adhered to and maintained by professionals
  • Provide interior maintenance of the unit; Costa Rica Dream Makers will perform all requested or necessary repairs to the interior of the unit. Except in case of an emergency, if the amount of the repair and/or maintenance is greater than $100 USD, Costa Rica Dream Makers will forward a description and amount to the owner for approval.
  • Contact owner or owner’s representative if any significant problems are identified.
  • Take emergency measures as required.
  • Ensure all bills are paid in a prior to the due date in a timely manner
    • Electric, water, phone, and cable
    • Contracted staff; gardener, pool and cleaning staff
    • Repair and maintenance bills
    • HOA Fees
    • Property taxes
    • Any other payments due and agreed upon by the Owner and CRDM
  • Costa Rica Dream Makers will prepare for filing of any documents required by Costa Rican Governmental agencies, (provided that Costa Rica Dream Makers has been given all of the relevant information). Example: Property Taxes.
  • Costa Rica Dream Makers will maintain professional records for accounting purposes, books audited by licensed Costa Rican accountant. Monthly financial records distributed to the owners. Original copies of all expenses with corresponding documentation are held on file for review by the owner.
  • Ensure the home is rental/owner ready at all times unless under repair.
  • Hiring and supervision of all contracted staff.

Extraordinary Services

An hourly fee of $25.00 per hour or 10% of contracted services rendered (whichever is more) shall be paid to Costa Rica Dream Makers for requested tasks not considered normal management duties. For example: painting the property or other renovation projects.

Rental Management

  • Costa Rica Dream Makers will hold the property’s booking calendar
  • Costa Rica Dream Makers will pay referral commissions; rate depending on the agreement to referring individuals or agency
  • Costa Rica Dream Makers will provide full concierge services for each referring guest
  • Check-in and check-out services for arriving and departing owners, guests and sponsored guests. (greet guests on-site, tour, assign keys, and answer questions)
  • Monitoring of rentals by Costa Rica Dream Makers staff team to ensure clients are satisfied and property is being respected
  • Check-out cleaning and review of inventory checklist
  • Executive Concierge Services: Ensuring owners and guests have access to all services, information and activities offered in the area. Services include:
  • Arrival Preparation: Prepare the property for guest arrival, including welcome basket
  • Housekeeping Services: At the discretion of the owner and/or at additional charge to the client housekeeping services on a daily bases or as otherwise agreed upon
  • Create and provide financial statements to the property owner, and deposit net income on a quarterly basis to the owners account in Costa Rica.
  • Monitor and analyze unit rental rates and occupancy rates to ensure they are in line with current market trends.

For more information about property management, call Dina at: +1 (888) 588-2736 extension 102 or +506 2643-1450